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At BaggagePets, as specialists in international pet and animal transportation, we strive to meet the highest possible requirements to do the best job we can. Being official agents of UNITED PETSAFE is another way to demonstrate our commitment to pet transportation to the United States.

PETSAFE is the pet-specialized department of the American company UNITED AIRLINES. It’s a program specially designed to transport cats and dogs that cannot travel in the cabin with their owners and need an equally safe and comfortable alternative.

United’s PetSafe offers a pet transportation service from airport to airport to approximately 300 destinations across the United States.

Advantages of UNITED PETSAFE pet transportation:

Here are some of the benefits we have at BaggagePets as a company dedicated to transporting pets and animals by air to North America, belonging to United Petsafe:

  • They operate with over 80 customized and climate-controlled vehicles to transport pets safely under all weather conditions.
  • Pets are boarded at the last moment and disembark first to make the journey as stress-free as possible.
  • During the flight, pets remain safe and comfortable in a specialized compartment that is properly pressurized and climate-controlled, just like the cabin for people.
  • United has specialized centers in NEWARK, CHICAGO, and HOUSTON, so that pets, in case they need flight connections, can rest and regain strength for the next journey.

Other advantages of belonging to United Petsafe:

  • Document management for importation.
  • Quick and easy delivery at any airport in the USA, with no waiting.
  • Specialized and certified personnel for the treatment of your pet.

If you need to travel with your pet to the United States and have questions, you can fill out our budget form for a specialist to review your case and send you an email with all the necessary information. From there, we’ll be happy to address any further questions you may have.