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Transporte internacional de Caballos

We have a strong track record in equine transportation and cater to riding schools, equestrian centres, riders, and more. We offer combined services on regular flights and round-trip tickets with companies for grooms.

We transport horses of all breeds, including Arabian, Andalusian, Hispano-Arabian, Losino, Asturcón, Paint Horse, Miniature, Monchino, Burguete, Mallorquín, Appaloosa, and others. We adapt to each horse to provide the utmost comfort during their journey.

We transport horses worldwide, whether it’s in Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and other locations.

We take care of the horses by handling the necessary quarantines and ensuring maximum care during the journey with the service of a groom who attends to them at all times.

Keys to International Horse Transport

Take advantage of the benefits of our special charter flight service with individual stall rentals for your horses. Our service includes:

  • International air transportation for horses
  • Transport containers or stalls
  • Customs permits
  • Health certificates
  • Blood tests
  • Quarantine arrangements
  • Registry transfers
  • Insurance

Benefit from our shared routes for international horse transport, ideal when you only need to transport one horse. You can also request a personalized service exclusively for you.

If you need to arrange transportation, call us at +34 93 487 00 40 and request a quote with no obligation. We are one of the few companies in the market certified by the most important global associations: IPATA, AENOR, IATA, ATEIA, and IQNET.

We follow European standards and handle paperwork with insurance coverage. Our staff is certified, registered, and approved for equine transport. We provide comfortable and modern vehicles for horses, each receiving individual attention from a groom who provides them with food, vitamins, treatments, adornments, and protective blankets.

Emirates, Qatar Airways, British Airways… We collaborate with major airlines to offer you the best routes for international horse transport. This way, we ensure the shortest connections regardless of the destination.

If you need to transport one or several horses by plane, fill out our online form, and we will respond as soon as possible with the best route option, a quote, and all necessary veterinary requirements.