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Transporte de mascotas a Reino Unido

To which city in the United Kingdom do you need to transport your pet? London, Manchester, Edinburgh… At BaggagePets, we are specialists in pet transportation to the United Kingdom. We are official agents of British Airways, Iberia, and other companies in Spain, and we follow the regulations established by DEFRA (Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs) under the conditions of the “Pet Travel Scheme.”

Even though it may be a relatively close destination, at BaggagePets, we know that the procedures and permit management to transport your pet to the United Kingdom can be complicated. For that reason, we offer you personalized service with continuous assistance and guidance throughout all the pre and post-boarding processes.

It’s important to have all the necessary veterinary requirements in order for pet transportation to the United Kingdom. We take care of this to ensure your little one doesn’t encounter any problems when entering the country. Additionally, you’ll need to pay an animal entry fee, which is included by the airlines. Since the Brexit agreement, the requirements for pet transportation to enter the United Kingdom have changed, but we make sure everything is correct.

Some of the departure airports from where BaggagePets operates for animal travel to the UK are Madrid, Malaga, Barcelona, Alicante, Fuerteventura, Las Palmas, Tenerife, Lanzarote, or Mallorca.

If your city is not on the list, don’t worry. BaggagePets also offers a ground pick-up service, where we transport your pet to one of the main airports in the country. This pick-up service is available in the Peninsula, Balearic Islands, and Canary Islands.

Pet transportation to the United Kingdom

Regarding the destination airport, we can transport your pet to the following airports we collaborate with, although the list is subject to updates:

  1. London Heathrow.
  2. London Gatwick.
  3. Manchester.
  4. Edinburgh.
  5. Glasgow.
  6. Newcastle.

These are the only airports where airlines accept pets on their flights.

Veterinary requirements for transporting pets to the United Kingdom:

  1. Microchip, implanted on the same day or before the first rabies vaccination.
  2. European Pet Passport, signed and stamped by the veterinarian.
  3. Rabies vaccination, administered at least 21 days before departure for the first vaccination.
  4. Dogs must be internally dewormed between 24 and 120 hours before departure (active ingredient: PRAZIQUANTEL).
  5. Deworming is not required for cats.
  6. Other animals such as birds or rodents have different special requirements. Please consult with us for more information.

If you need to transport your beloved pet to England, Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland, trust our pet transportation service to the United Kingdom as we are approved IAG Cargo agents. Simply fill out our contact form, and once we have all the information, we will send you an email with all the details to address any questions you may have.