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When it comes to transporting your pet to another country or continent, at BaggagePets, we assure you and guarantee that it will have the best possible journey. We are not only endorsed by IATA and IPATA, and backed by major airlines, but we are also a reputable company with qualified employees and many years of experience in transporting pets worldwide. That’s why we are familiar with all the details to consider, details and experience that an unqualified transporter lacks. We specialize in pet transportation and have been doing so since 2011.

Bagggapets especialista en transporte de mascotas

Why are we experts in animal transportation?

  • We search for the best routes for your pet.
  • We offer you the best airlines.
  • We advise you in advance to prepare for the trip.
  • We provide advice on the entire process to help your pet adapt as best as possible.
  • We search for and book special flights for your pet.
  • We prepare travel carriers for them.
  • We manufacture custom carriers.
  • We review their documentation and veterinary requirements.
  • We annually update the laws regarding pet borders between countries.
  • We keep you updated on the status of your little ones during the journey and care for them at all times.

Not every transporter knows these details, and in the end, during a journey, this could mean unwanted surprises for which they don’t want to take responsibility. However, we take responsibility for everything and care for your pet as if it were part of our family. Because in addition to being specialists in pet transportation, we are also animal lovers. Our true clients are your pets, and we will do everything possible to make their journey as pleasant as possible.

If you need to relocate your best friend, trust in our experienced pet transportation service. To request more information, don’t hesitate to fill out our contact form; we’ll study your case and offer you the best possible route, resolving all your doubts instantly.