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Transporte de Gatos

Sphinx, Siamese, European, Persian, Exotic… Each breed has its own characteristics, which is why it’s essential to know the permits, vaccinations, crate sizes, and necessary documents for transporting cats abroad. We have specialized in pet transportation since 2011 and will assist you in ensuring a perfect journey for your furry friend, taking care of all the details.

Moreover, we understand that most cats don’t enjoy travelling, especially being confined in crates. They get stressed when they sense movement, so we find the shortest route possible for your little one. Even for long-distance destinations, we always offer the best conditions.

Whether it’s Australia, Latin America, Dubai, the USA, England, or China, we are dedicated to transporting cats around the world, providing top-notch service. We know they are a part of the family, and that’s why we treat them as if they were our own. We care about your cat, its health, dietary preferences, and comfort. In our advice section, we explain how to familiarize your cat with the crate so you can practice together. Travelling with BaggagePets is like travelling in first class for your feline companion.

Key Points in Cat Transportation to Another Country

We have been transporting cats for many years and have specialized catteries, approved and comfortable carriers, specific feeding, blankets, and many more details to ensure they travel comfortably.

We also offer a personalized Door-to-Door service to almost all destinations. We take care of everything needed for their transportation, both nationally and internationally. We advise you on the size of the carrier and the required vaccinations depending on the destination.

Leave your little one in the best hands: we are certified by the international associations IATA and IPATA for cat transportation and assure you the best possible treatment with personalized attention.

We take care of your cat at all times

Additionally, we ensure that all veterinary requirements of the destination country are met. We advise you on what blankets to use, what type of food and feeding schedules your cat should have before the trip. We even suggest using pheromone sprays to make the journey more comfortable for them, etc. We always recommend, except in extreme cases, not to administer any sedatives or muscle relaxants since changes in pressure can affect them if they fall asleep. For all our trips, we recommend a prior veterinary checkup to review the health of your little companion.

Exotic breeds like Persian cats, being brachycephalic, require special treatment and larger carriers since they cannot fly with all airlines. And during hot weather, high temperatures can pose a health problem for them. That’s why we ensure to find the best route for them to fly in optimal conditions. Visit our section on brachycephalic breeds for more information.

You can visit our section on travelling animals to discover the adventurous cats that have travelled with us around the world.

Request a quote by filling out our online form if you need to transport your cat to another country and enjoy a competitive price with the best treatment possible. We will explain the best route option and confirm all veterinary requirements. We are animal lovers, and you will notice it at all times.