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Transporte de mascotas a América Latina

Are you thinking about travelling with your pet to a country in South America? At BaggagePets, we are specialists in pet transportation to Latin America, offering flights to all possible destinations in Latin America through the best airlines in the market.

We should always consider that the travel options available for our pets are not the same as those for us as travellers, as not all airlines have planes with special cargo holds for pets. Therefore, our main objective is to find the best connections and routes possible for each destination in case a direct flight to Latin America is not available.

Hiring an Agent for Pet Transportation to Latin America

An important piece of information is that each government in every country in South and Central America sets specific and mandatory requirements for a pet to enter the country. Each government also has a different policy regarding the necessary customs processes to retrieve a pet at the airport after its flight has arrived. In some countries, for instance, hiring the services of a customs agent is mandatory to expedite the operation, while in other cases, owners are allowed to perform the check-out procedure upon landing.

Entry Requirements for Pet Transportation to Latin America

As is evident, each country has its own particularities, and the most important thing is to have all the information so that our pet can fly with all the guarantees and thereby avoid problems or surprises that might delay and unnecessarily prolong their journey upon arrival. The best option will always be to contact one of our agents if you have already hired the service, or through our Quote Request form, and we will provide you with updated information on what the journey for your pet to the destination you specify will entail.

We have transported pets to Brazil, Panama, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, and many other countries.

At BaggagePets, we have been specializing in pet travel to Latin America and around the world since 2011, and we put all of our experience and passion into it.