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Avalados por las asociaciones IATA e IPATA en el transporte de mascotas y animales

Unlike other international animal transportation companies, at BaggagePets, we are a certified Pet Shipper company. This means that we have direct contact with all airlines and do not require intermediaries to handle all booking procedures. We manage all the flight arrangements for animals, both domestic and international. This is crucial for maintaining control and tracking of your pet throughout their journey at all times.

Why is it so important to be a certified Pet Shipper company?

Some companies that handle pet transportation by air do not possess this specific permission. Without endorsement from official international entities, they require the assistance of intermediaries for any task, ranging from bookings to checking flight status or the condition of the pet, especially on long journeys with layovers at different airports. This involves the need for transfers, as well as checking and feeding the animal, among other responsibilities.

Not being a certified Pet Shipper company poses a risk

As these uncertified companies lack certification, they cannot directly access flight data. They do not have full control over what happens to the pet during its journey, which can be risky. Their ability to react in special or unforeseen cases, such as delays or emergencies, will never be as fast or effective as that of a certified Pet Shipper company like BaggagePets.

At BaggagePets, we maintain direct contact with all airlines, ensuring an open line of communication 24/7. Through our years of experience and continuous interaction with the airlines, they recognize and know how to reach us directly. When flights arrive at night or in the early morning, we do not close our operations because our furry clients are flying. We are attentive to every detail, and our operations are not restricted by other companies’ schedules.

This commitment and service dedication result in exceptional care for your pet, backed by the number of transports we perform, recommendations from airlines themselves, and numerous reviews from satisfied customers who have entrusted us with the air transportation of their pets. Being a certified Pet Shipper company is just another example of why we are Spain’s leading pet air transportation company.

If you need to travel with your pet and require information, you can always fill out our quote request form. A specialist will get in touch with you after reviewing your case to address all your inquiries.