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At BaggagePets, we have been conducting trips worldwide since 2011. Each country has specific conditions and requirements, and we are familiar with all of them. That’s why we are also specialists in pet transportation to Colombia, knowing the best routes and all the necessary requirements to comply with airline regulations.

Many of our clients who travel to their home country for vacation or relocation need to take their pets with them. However, not all flights or airports have the special cargo hold or infrastructure to handle animals safely. Fortunately, we can find the best routes with the fewest connections possible for their journey. Once they land, their owners will be there to pick them up.

At the moment, from Spain to Colombia, BaggagePets can offer pet travel to Bogotá and Medellín.

Over time, we have expanded our network of collaborating local agents in Colombia – qualified and experienced – which allows us to cover more interior areas of the Colombian geography, even those farther from the main airports, to facilitate pet transportation for clients living farther away.

Veterinary Requirements for Entering Colombia with Your Pet

Regarding the entry requirements for animals into the country, it’s important to note that an official veterinarian must issue a health certificate, which is valid for 10 days and must coincide with the travel dates.

The certificate should include specific clauses related to the pet and must be accompanied by a European pet passport indicating the microchip number and confirming that all necessary vaccinations are up-to-date.

This documentation must be presented to the veterinarians of the Spanish government for approval before departure. For more information, you can consult the official website of the Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA), with which BaggagePets collaborates.

BaggagePets’ Recommendations for Pet Entry into Colombia

Regarding the customs procedures for retrieving your pet once it lands in Colombia, as with other destinations in Latin America where pet transportation is required, the Colombian government does not mandate hiring a specialized agent to handle the entire process.

However, BaggagePets strongly recommends hiring the services of a specialized agent, as the process is complex, and in many cases, a thorough understanding of the system, paperwork, and pet retrieval process is necessary. We have heard of cases where clients have spent hours or made mistakes, resulting in delays and blockages preventing them from retrieving their pets. In the end, they lose both money and time.

At BaggagePets, we work tirelessly to bring your pet to Colombia with all the guarantees and comforts possible. Numerous satisfied pet owners since 2011 have vouched for our services.

If you need more information or a quote tailored to your pet’s characteristics, please contact us through the form on our website. One of our colleagues, a specialist in pet transportation to Colombia, will assist you in planning, preparing all the documentation, and understanding the entire process, so you have no problems or surprises.