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Transporte de mascotas a Australia

To which city in Australia do you need to transport your pet? Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth… At BaggagePets, we are specialists in pet transportation to Australia, and we have been doing so since 2011. Additionally, we are an official agent of the airline Emirates for animals and follow the regulations established by IATA.

At BaggagePets, we understand that the procedures and permit management for transporting your pet to Australia are perhaps some of the most complex that exist. For that reason, we offer you a personalized service of continuous support and guide you through all the processes before and after the shipment.

Pet Transportation to Australia

It’s important that you have the necessary veterinary requirements in order for pet transportation to Australia. We take care of that long and tedious process so that your furry friend won’t encounter any issues when entering the country. Any mistake in a vaccination date or a passport signature can lead to delays that will further extend the journey.

Among all the possible destinations, Australia is one of the most stringent countries, which is why it doesn’t allow entry for the following dog breeds: Brazilian Fila, Japanese Tosa, Argentine Dogo, Pit Bull Terrier, American Pit Bull, and Presa Canario. This information is updated and varies each year.

Arrival Airports for Pet Transportation to Australia

For flights from Spain, some of our departure airports for pet transportation to Australia are Madrid and Barcelona, but we also have connections with the main airports in the Peninsula, Balearic Islands, and the Canary Islands.

If your city is not on the list, there’s no need to worry. At BaggagePets, we can also provide you with a ground transportation service, picking up your pet from your home or the location where your pet is, and transporting them to one of the main airports in the country. We often offer this type of service as many clients don’t have the specialized transport required to move certain breeds or sizes of animals to the airport.

Regarding the airports we can transport your pet to in Australia, we currently offer these options:

  • Melbourne.
  • Sydney.
  • Brisbane.
  • Perth.

There have been cases where clients needed to transport their pets to a city distant from these main airports. Therefore, we also provide interior transportation services in Australia, covering a large part of the country.

These are the only airports where airlines that accept animals operate. If you need to transport your best friend, trust our pet transportation service to Australia. It’s a lengthy process with complex paperwork that needs to be prepared well in advance. Don’t hesitate to contact us through our contact form, and we will advise you on all the necessary veterinary requirements.

Veterinary Requirements for Pet Travel to Australia

This list varies each year, and we update it when a quote is requested. However, if you need to travel with your pet to Australia, you need to consider:

  • Microchip.
  • Passport.
  • Rabies vaccination.
  • RNATT Test (Rabies serology).
  • 180 days waiting period in the country of residence, starting from the blood draw (10 days of Quarantine in Australia).
  • Cats should be vaccinated with the TRIVALENT vaccine at least 14 days before departure, and no more than 1 year.
  • Blood tests for Leptospirosis, Ehrlichia, Brucella, and Leishmania.
  • EXTERNAL deworming within 5 days prior to departure.
  • INTERNAL deworming within 45 days prior to departure and not less than 14 days prior, and finally within 5 days before departure.
  • Certificate A, is to be completed by the Private Veterinarian.
  • Final validation by the Border Inspection Point (PIF).