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Consejos para el transporte de mascotas

The best age to travel with your pet, the impact of the animal’s breed on the journey, the type of crate to use, and the amount of food and water to provide—all of these aspects influence the transportation of pets by air. That’s why we offer several tips for pet transportation.

It’s normal to have doubts and be concerned before your pet embarks on a journey. Don’t worry, at BaggagePets, we take care of your furry friend, as we thoroughly check all these points. Below, we provide a series of recommendations to make their transportation as comfortable and straightforward as possible.

Tips for pet transportation

Since 2011, we have been transporting all kinds of pets and have encountered a thousand different cases. Each animal is unique, and we’re not just referring to the type or breed, but also their individual personalities, preferences, likes, and fears. That’s why we adapt to each particular case by listening to you, the owners, who know them best. Once you tell us about your furry companion, we provide you with recommendations for their journey.

Tricks before travelling with your pet

Ensure that your pet meets all the health requirements of the country it’s travelling to and is in good health for the journey. Also, make sure the crate is of the correct size. You can find more details on our page about tips before travelling with your pet.

Measure your pet correctly for transportation

The size of the crate is crucial to ensure your pet travels comfortably. Different breeds vary in size, and some, like brachycephalic breeds, require more space to breathe properly due to their flat nose. You can refer to our page on how to measure your pet before the trip.

Familiarize your pet with the crate before the journey

There are tricks to make your pet feel more comfortable while travelling. They need to build trust in the crate since they will be travelling in it. You can find our tips on how to acclimate your pet to its new crate on our website.

Get informed about the transportation process for your pet

We will answer all your questions regarding the service you hire and the transportation of pets. However, you can also check our frequently asked questions to put your mind at ease.

These are the main tips for pet transportation, but each case is different. As specialists in pet transportation, if you need to travel with your pet and require assistance, you can fill out our budget form, and we will address any doubts you may have.