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At BaggagePets, we have created a list of frequently asked questions about pet transportation that our clients often have and that are worth clarifying.
  1. How can I determine if a cage or carrier is suitable for my pet? There are currently different types of manufacturers and sizes for cages and carriers, but they are always governed by standard specifications. To know if your cage or carrier is suitable for your pet’s transportation, we recommend that you check out “How to Measure Your Pet.” There, we explain it clearly.
  2. What should the cage or carrier be like? Not all cages or carriers are suitable for transporting pets. Or more importantly, not all are regulated or approved for this purpose. According to international regulations, the cage must be made of sturdy material. Additionally, it should be well-ventilated on all four sides and should not have any exterior or interior damage that could harm the pet. Finally, the door must close securely without the possibility of being opened from the inside.
  3. Can my pet eat and drink during the journey? Yes, during the journey, your pet will be able to eat and drink. At BaggagePets, we provide the necessary water and food in each cage’s or carrier’s containers. Additionally, we include a small water reservoir that automatically refills the container.
  4. Where will my pet travel in the airplane? In technical terms, in the “Hall 5” (Cargo Hold 5) of any commercial aircraft. It is not the baggage hold. It’s a special compartment similar to the cabin where passengers sit. The aircraft captain ensures that the pet enters and exits this special compartment of the plane and that it is pressurized and climate-controlled with controlled temperature for the pet’s journey, just like for passengers.
  5. Should I sedate my pet? At Baggage Pets, we recommend NOT sedating your pet. Pressure changes and the effects of medication can be counterproductive for your pet during a flight.
  6. So, how can I calm my easily stressed pet? We recommend leaving something with a familiar scent inside the cage or carrier, like a blanket, shirt, or sweater, so your pet associates that scent with comfort. You can find this and other tips in the “Tips Before Traveling with Your Pet” section.
  7. What if my veterinarian is unfamiliar with the entry regulations of the country I am travelling to? Don’t worry, at BaggagePets, we take care of advising and guiding you on all the requirements and entry and exit regulations of different countries.
These are just some of the frequently asked questions about pet transportation. Similarly, since each case is unique, in many instances, we can only provide advice once we have studied your case. That’s why it’s best to fill out our contact form, and we’ll respond as soon as possible, clarifying any doubts you have about transporting your pet.