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If you need to enter Europe with an animal or travel from one country to another within the European Union, it’s crucial to have your passport ready. That’s why at BaggagePets, we explain how to obtain a European pet passport. It’s one of the requirements to check for the entry of a pet into a country, which we provide as travel tips. Since it’s regulated by the European Union, an increasing number of countries recognize the European pet passport as a reliable and legal document that instils confidence in destination authorities. The European passport is mandatory for European Union countries and other associated ones such as the United Kingdom, Norway, Albania, Switzerland, and Andorra, among others. For the rest, even though it’s not obligatory, it’s highly recommended that your pet travels with it. An authorized veterinarian must issue it, and it cannot be obtained from any office, pet store, or the Internet. That’s why you need to understand the importance of this document, just like a person’s passport. The European pet passport is a numbered and registered booklet in the owner’s name, which is why it’s so essential, especially when travelling. In this document, the veterinarian records your pet’s veterinary data. This includes things like vaccinations, microchip information, or the owner’s details. If your pet has had any special medical treatment, it’s documented, including any medications. It also includes other details about the pet, such as its breed, colour, weight, name, and even a photo.

Requirements to obtain the European pet passport

Additionally, for the passport to be valid, it must meet certain standards. On this website, you can find several requirements to comply with the travel regulations within the European Union. Do you need to travel and don’t have the necessary documentation? We explain how to obtain a European pet passport. You just need to fill out our contact form, and we’ll get in touch with all the information so you can prepare everything before the trip and address all your questions.