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It happens to us very often: a customer calls us because their pet cannot travel in the cabin with them. Whether it’s due to the type of aircraft, regulations in the destination country, or the size and breed of the animal, there are times when the pet has to travel in the special pet compartment. That’s why we explain how to send a dog alone on the plane. The first thing we explain to our customers is that it’s perfectly fine if they don’t travel on the same plane as their pet. In practical terms, they won’t be able to see their pet during the journey. In fact, we sometimes recommend they take different flights so that they can land earlier and prepare for the animal’s check-out, making the whole process faster. However, BaggagePets offers arrival and delivery services at major airports around the world to make your pet’s arrival as pleasant and swift as possible. Many of our customers who need to transport their pets to another country often have to travel earlier due to work or new home-related legal matters, and they transport their pets later, which is why it’s normal for the pet to travel alone. This is commonly done in commercial animal transportation cases.

Key points on how to send a dog alone on the plane:

First, understand that animals travel in a special compartment for animals that is pressurized and temperature-controlled, just like the passengers’ compartment. Then, you must comply with the airline’s regulations:
  1. The dimensions of the pet carrier must be correct.
  2. The pet carrier must be approved; not all carriers are, even if they claim to be.
  3. The pet must have all the necessary documentation in order: passport, microchip, vaccinations, etc.
  4. The animal must meet all the veterinary requirements of the destination country.
  5. It must fulfil all conditions for travel, and the pet’s veterinarian must certify that it is fit to travel.
  6. Depending on the destination, specific quarantine requirements may apply.
If you are going to travel and don’t know how to send a dog alone on the plane, we can provide you with all the information you need. Just fill out the form on our website, and we will answer all your questions.