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Every pet is unique, and each journey is as well

Apart from the personalized tips we provide for your specific trip, BaggagePets offers a series of general recommendations you should follow before travelling with your pet. By doing so, the journey will be much more comfortable for your furry friend. Keep in mind that aeroplane travel can be stressful for pets, so every little detail matters in pet transportation.

Assuming you have already taken care of all the veterinary requirements, and your pet has all the necessary paperwork, such as a European pet passport, microchip, and required vaccinations, now it’s essential to follow these instructions before transporting your pet:

Key points before travelling with your pet:

  • Visit the veterinarian: Before the trip, take your pet to the veterinarian to ensure all the required veterinary requirements are in order. Also, get a thorough health check-up for your pet.
  • Familiarize your pet with the carrier: In the days leading up to the trip, get your pet used to being inside the carrier. Refer to the corresponding tips on our website to help achieve this.
  • Exercise and play: Take your pet for long walks and engage in more playtime than usual to reduce the stress caused by pre-travel hustle and bustle. Provide water but avoid feeding your pet before the flight.
  • Comfort items: Place a favourite toy or blanket with your scent inside the carrier to make your pet feel more comfortable and secure.
  • Familiar scent: Put one of your clothing items in the carrier, so your pet travels with your scent, which can provide comfort and confidence.
  • Monitor food portions: Control the food portions in the days leading up to the journey.
  • Avoid sedatives: Do not use sedatives, muscle relaxants, or medications during the flight, as changes in pressure can affect their health. Only in extreme cases, consider using natural valerian prescribed by the veterinarian.
  • Consider calming sprays or pheromones: There are sprays with synthetic pheromones for dogs or cats that can be applied half an hour before the journey, either directly or in the form of a diffuser. These can help your pet feel calmer inside the carrier, but it’s essential to consult your veterinarian before using them.

If you need to transport your pet under the best conditions, fill out our online form, and we will provide you with all the necessary information before travelling with your pet.