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At BaggagePets, we offer you all of our experience gained since 2011 in pet transportation to Brazil. The main cities where we transport animals are Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, and Brasília.

We also have an extensive network of professional and certified collaborators in this country, allowing us to offer internal land connections to reach many more destinations. We provide this option because many of our clients are not from cities with nearby airports and need to arrange additional transfers.

Veterinary Requirements for Pet Transportation to Brazil

The necessary requirements for pets entering Brazil are few but strict. It’s necessary for the rabies vaccine to be up-to-date, your pet must have a microchip, undergo internal and external deworming treatment within 15 days prior to the flight, and finally, a zoosanitary certificate issued by an official veterinarian is also required.

This zoosanitary certificate must be approved by Spanish government veterinarians before departure.

Furthermore, it’s essential to consider that the Brazilian government does not mandate the hiring of an agent for the retrieval of your pet upon arrival at the country’s airport. However, at BaggagePets, we recommend it because it can greatly facilitate the process. There are several factors to pay close attention to, correct advice to be sought, and clear and appropriate information to be received.

Any customs agent in the country can perform this operation, but at BaggagePets, we can provide you with contacts we regularly work with, who have experience, to give you peace of mind. We have extensive experience in transporting animals to Latin America.

If you need to travel to Brazil with your pet and want to do so without worries, you can get in touch with us through our quote request form. Once we’ve reviewed your case, one of our agents will send you an email with the best connection, price, all the necessary paperwork and veterinary requirements for the journey, as well as advise you and address any questions you may have.